Loggerhead Beach Services

Blue beach chairs on Palm Beach resort

Beach Chair Rentals

Please note: All chairs are rentals and can only be rented by registered guests of the resort. Includes: 2 Chairs, an umbrella or a cabana and a table.
$30 per day $100 for four days $150 for the week (5-7 days) * *With the weekly rentals the guests will receive a reserve flag at the location that is available. (Please note requested spots are on a first come first serve basis.) The guests name are written on the reserve tag with the arrival and departure dates. This flag will keep the guest at ease knowing that their spot is reserved every day in the same location. 4 day non-consecutive passes can only be used on the day of use since it’s hard to determine what days each guest wants. Please Call or see beach attendant for multi weeks, we also offer monthly and yearly memberships for owners of Palm Beach Shores Resort.
Please Note: Personal chairs are not allowed in the middle of the resort’s beach, the middle of the beach is reserved for guests who choose to rent chairs only. Personal umbrellas and tents are not permitted on property at all.